Boston ADVANCE Conditioning Solution

This is an essential, high quality product, and the only formulation of any brand that works well for me. Personally, I’d rather see three bottles of conditioning solution in the package instead of two, because the cleaning solution always outlasts the conditioning solution. I’ve never understood why this product is so expensive, so I’m glad that Costco offers this bulk package with the full 4 ounces of solution in the 4 oz. bottle. Compare it to the overpriced single bottle and the deceptive marketing of the regular retail product—Bausch & Lomb puts only 3.5 ounces of solution in the 4 oz. bottle to keep the price point below $10 per bottle—Shameful!—and this is a real bargain.


For those of us out there still wearing RGP contact lenses, Boston products are the gold standard as far as my optometrist is concerned. I like Boston “Simplus” too, but when Costco switched to carrying the “Advance” product exclusively, I made the switch right along with them, and have been very pleased with the product. The Costco pricing on the multi pack, especially when they have a coupon, can’t be beat. Wish Costco still carried RGP solutions in the store, but happily, shipping online is free!


Both my husband and I have been using this product for decades. It is excellent and one of the few really good solutions/cleaners available for gas permeable lenses. I noticed several months ago that Costco was no longer carrying it in their warehouse and was extremely disappointed. When I saw it advertised in your online catalog I decided to order through your website only to find out it was out of stock. Please reconsider your decision to carry it in the warehouse or make larger quantities available through online purchasing. It’s really a great product.

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