Alcon multipurpose solutions

I have used Alcon multipurpose solutions for several years but I could always see a white film left on my contacts. I then tried the peroxide ones. The first would sting my eyes even after I left them soaking for over 8 hours. The second peroxide one didn’t sting my eyes but it was taken off the market last year. I had tried Bio true for a short time about 6 years ago & it also stung my eyes. I would rinse my contacts with saline solution before insertion which took away whatever was bothering my eyes. Plus, my contacts were left clear- no white stuff. My story is getting long. To make things shorter: I started using Bio true again a few weeks ago. I still rinse with saline solution before inserting; but, my eyes feel so moist. I am staying with Bio true for now. Remember, everybody’s chemistry is different; what works for me may not work for someone else.

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